Monday, 31 January 2011

Chocolate - covered Toffee Pretzels

I recently saw a post on the Made with Pink blog for homemade Turtles.

They reminded me of the Take 5 candy bars that you get in America. They are basically a pretzel base with a layer of caramel, peanut butter and peanuts covered in milk chocolate.
Yum Yum.
They inspired me to have a go at making a home made version.
I melted the Werther's original toffees with 1 tablespoon of whipping cream and then sandwiched the toffee between two pretzels.
Yes, it was a messy job. Prepare to have sticky toffee go EVERYWHERE!
At this point, I wanted to add a dollop of peanut butter but I was covered in toffee by this point so decided to give the peanut butter a miss on this occasion.
Then I melted some milk chocolate and covered the pretzels.

Oh. My. Gosh.
A-mazing. With a capital A.

The pretzel shapes make them look like little hearts which is ideal for Valentines' Day!

Warning: they are totally addictive.
I've made them to take to London this weekend for relatives but I am not sure that they will last the week...

Pink & Purple Cupcakes

I haven't made cupcakes since Christmas which feels like forever ago now.

I wanted to make some as a Thank You for someone.

Pink and Purple seem like "thank you" kind of colours to me.

I made choc cupcakes and topped with vanilla frosting which I tinted pink and purple. I then topped with some fondant decorations.
My piping was a little off I have to admit. I also made some other cupcakes which I'll post later on in the week as they are not finished yet.

Marble Cake

Wow. It feels like forever since my last post.
I did make a lovely marble cake recently.
I love marble cake.

My Gran used to make it for me every birthday.
I can still remember the excitement of seeing all of the different colours- yellow, pink, chocolate and green.

As you can see, I made mine simple. Chocolate and vanilla.
I used my regular cup cake recipes quantities and swirled the mixtures together.
It was yum.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

More Christmas Cupcakes

Okay, so I know Christmas is officially over but I had to blog about the second batch of Christmas Cupcakes that I made.

Edible glitter is just so Christmas-ey!

I went for pink glittery reindeers!

I also tried a glittery red ponsettia!

I made these cupcakes for the family for Christmas Day.
The kids loved them!

I also made frosted brownies and sweet and salty crunch bars, courtesy of Nigella's Kitchen.

I hope you all had a lovely festive break!