Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Mr G and I went to London to visit relatives over the weekend and I decided to take some cupcakes.
(It was the same relatives that we had been visiting when "Burgergate" took place so Mr G was adamant he was not holding the cupcakes at any time!)

I decided on Red Velvet because they seem quite Valentines-ey to me.

Plus I wanted to get the sparkly red glitter out again!

I had bought some cucake wrappers to use.
They are so pretty.

They finished the cupcakes off perfectly.


  1. Burgergate lol, so funny, I remember it well. These cupcakes are gorgeous and your right the cases finish them perfectly. x

  2. The cases go beautifully with the glittery red hearts and red cake. Definitely perfect valentines cupcakes!

  3. Your Red Velvet cupcakes were delicious! Best cupcake i'd had this year :) plus they look very pretty Xx

  4. I agree with Corinne, I was alos lucky to try one too. They were absolutely delicious and disappeared within two bites. Much nicer than my own cupcakes.