Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Afternoon Tea

I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter!

I had two of my sister in laws round for Afternoon Tea.

I made a variety of sandwiches - I don't know what it is but sandwiches always taste better to me with the crusts cut off!

I found these cute mini Easter Eggs in Home Sense and that set off the colour theme for the tea party!

I also made a variety of sweet treats.

Of course we had scones.....

But I have to confess, I didn't make the scones! My lovely mum did.

Scones and I do not play well together.

I just cannot get the hang of them.

I dipped some strawberries in white chocolate.

And made mini Red Velvet cupcakes and mini chocolate cupcakes, topped with micro mini eggs!

I also dipped some marshmallows in milk chocolate.
It was far too hot to make a huge variety of cakes.

But I did make some shortbread rounds topped with glace cherries.

But best of all......

Check out my sugar!

I found these cute butterfly shaped sugar cubes in John Lewis. They are part of a range by Belle de Sucre ( and they are so cute.

I also got some handbag shaped sugar, because let's face it, we all need handbag shaped sugar cubes in our lives!


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  1. A beautiful collection of treats and pretty plates and stands to match. You must have been soo busy, it all looks wonderful.