Monday, 28 June 2010

Redemption - Part 1

After the 'burger cupcake incident' I was just about speaking to Mr G the following morning. As a peace offering he agreed to take me to Harrods so that I could visit Laduree, the ultimate in macaron heaven. It was everything I had hoped for. The macarons were so pretty. I couldn't resist purchasing a small box to take home.

I bought vanilla, pistachio, salted caramel, coconut, chocolate and raspberry. My favourites without a doubt were the vanilla and pistachio. Or maybe coconut. The vanilla filling tasted like a rich creme anglais. It was delicious.

Some of the macarons did not make it for the photo! I had also bought some for Beks, which included Lemon. (Bleurgh!! Not my cup of tea at all).

We couldn't resist having a mooch around Harrods Food Hall where I stopped to purchase some Whoopie Pies. I can highly recommend the Red Velvet Whoopie Pie. It was filled with a peanut butter frosting but the combination worked well together. The peanut butter was much richer than the peanut butter frosting I make but it was amazing.

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  1. My favourite! I love Laduree Macarons and get some every time I'm in either Paris or Harrods. Last time I was in Harrods I had an apple flavoured mac, it tasted like a jelly bean.

    Hubby did well, I told my hubby the story and a slightly fearful look came over his face, he knows there would be serious trouble.

    Google the cupcake carrier caddy or cupcake courier, they are amazing. x