Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Sprinkles Part 2

Beks and I love finding new sprinkles. We get as giddy as school children when we discover new ones. On a recent trip to the States, I went to a shop called Michael's which is a sort of Hobby Craft type store. It was amazing. The range of baking equipment was fantastic and the array of sprinkles was mesmerising. I quickly set about grabbing as many jars as I could to bring back. A lot of them I have still not even used as yet but if anyone needs mint crunch topping or lavender - coloured sugar pearls then I'm your girl. By far my favourite toppings are these M&M's I bought in the U.S. They have a huge variety of colours and you can buy the colours individually like a pick and mix.


  1. Wow! Brilliant collection, I shall make sure to take an empty bag to NY just for sprinkles! Roll on December I say, its always been a big dream to visit NY. I can't wait to go to Magnolia too x

  2. You'll love NY! It's my favourite place in the whole world - and not just for the baking supplies! I went to the Magnolia at Rockerfella Plaza- it was such a cute little place! Well worth the queue to get served! Nx