Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Business Cards!

Having realised that I was one of the only people I knew without any business cards for my blog, I decided to order some. Beks had told me about this website - - which had the cutest little cards. You could also upload up to 100 of your own pictures which would then be printed on one side of the cards. Now being of the view that anything in miniature form is far cuter, I decided to go ahead and order some.
The website was really user friendly and within half an hour, I had uploaded the pictures I wanted to use and completed my order. I decided that since my blog is about baking, I would use pictures of all the things I had baked. (NOTE- the one exception here was the picture of whoopie pies- Beks kindly let me use the picture of the whoopies she had made me as they were so perfect- thank you honey!)

I was so pleased with the results! I uploaded 20 images in total, and for the life of me I cannot decide which are my favourites.
I think if I were pushed, it would be the ones with the picture of my burger cupcakes, the frosted brownie ones and the ones of the cupcakes that I had made for my in-laws.
They are all so pretty! And they arrived really quickly too. I love it when that happens. I also ordered a keychain thing which allows you to keep about 20 cards in. They had a few colours to choose from but I ordered pink for obvious reasons.
I can't wait to hand out my cards!


  1. Oh my God I love them! So cute. I don't have cards for my blog and you have totally inspired me. I love the burger cupcakes one and those whoopie look brilliant x

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