Monday, 23 August 2010

The original Mrs G's 75th Birthday!

It was my mother in law's (the original Mrs G!) 75th birthday this week and we had a surprise party at ours for her.
We ordered her a cake from Richard's Cakes and asked them to have her doing her favourite things - knitting and watching Coronation Street!
I made some cupcakes for the occasion. It would have been rude not to!

I decorated the table using purple and green so tried to keep the cupcakes with the same colour theme.

Check out my bargain cupcake tray! It was only £1.50!!

She was really pleased with the cake. And the party as a whole. Now back to the clearing up!!


  1. LOVE the little TV screen. I try to keep up with Corrie, but we're 6 months behind here in Canada. My mother was obsessed with it, so I was raised on it! Your cupcakes are sweet, too! Love the colours.

  2. what a cute cake! Love your cupcakes too - the icing looks so good!

  3. Thank you both for your comments! I love the frosting colours! Nxx