Thursday, 5 August 2010

Maison Blanc Macarons

Unfortunately in Manchester, there is nowhere that sells really good Macarons. There is a little deli in Chorlton called North Star that has started stocking them but the flavours are limited and they are not always available. Luckily for me, Waitrose stocks a variety of sweet goods made by Maison Blanc of Raymond Blanc fame. The range contains a number of 'French inspired Patisserie' , including these lovely Macarons Parisiens.

The macarons are really good and enough to satisfy any macaron craving. Each box contains 12 macarons and there are 2 of each flavour - Pistachio, Vanilla, Raspberry, Chocolate, Lemon and Strawberry. The Vanilla and Chocolate are without a doubt my favourites.

Even luckier for me, Mr G works right next to a Waitrose and is always happy to pop along to bring me home a box when the whim takes me. Bless his cotton socks.
Until they open a Laduree in Manchester (we keep can hope), Monsieur Blanc will have to tend to our Macaron needs....


  1. Oh I am so going to have a look for these! I have tried a macaron from every patisserie in Brighton and they're all bad, really bad. Can't wait to see if my Waitrose stocks these x

  2. So pretty! I love the colours of the lemon and pistachio!