Sunday, 11 July 2010

Another one bites the dust!

There have been so many 30th birthdays this year! My cousin's wife turned 30 this week. I remember my 30th. Mr G took me for afternoon tea at the Midland Hotel in Manchester, which is one of Manchester's oldest hotels. It was afternoon tea heaven. But I digress....
I wanted to mark the occasion by making her some cupcakes and cookies.

I had some chocolates that I had bought from Slattery's which I used to top a couple of the cupcakes with. I also make some rolled fondant goodies. I think I have perfected my slices of cake!

Finally, I made some stylish cupcakes using black and hot pink rolled fondant. I like my little handbags. They remind me of of the handbags that Chanel are so famous for.


  1. Love the fondant cake decoration! Nice piping too

  2. I love the mini cake slices. Very cute.

  3. I know who you are now Pedro Asani!!! I thought my blog had reached Spanish shores!! xx