Sunday, 18 July 2010

Party at the in-laws!

I love my in-laws.

In particular, I love the fact that they are all as mad as my own family.

We had a family party this weekend with the in-laws and I made some cupcakes for the occasion.
Being me, I wanted to make sure the sprinkles and frostings complimented each other perfectly.
Judging by the comments made at the party, I think I succeded.

The cakes went down a treat, although there were a couple of casualties throughout the night- mainly as a result of me trying to balance cupcakes after a couple of cocktails.

All in all though, the party was a great success. Although the sight of my in-laws singing along to Queen at 2 in the morning dancing around with the hoover will be forever etched in my mind. Love you guys.


  1. These look great and I love the colours you've used for the frosting :)

  2. Thank you!! The Americolour gels are fantastic! Nx